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Revealing radio structure of a quasar shinning in the early universe with hig...     [2017-03-24]
Among the high-redshift quasars, the radio-loud subsample constitutes an attractive group since the radio jets are directly related to the SMBH activity. Until now, more than 100 quasars have been detected at z > 5 while the fraction of radio-loud ones is about 10 percent. Recently, a science tea... more
Seasonal Variations in GPS Station Positions? Temperature Variations Can’t B...     [2017-03-16]
Compared with the observed annual deformations in GPS stations , they found that the seasonal GPS observations , the transverse displacements in particular , are better explained after considering the thermoelastic effects due to temperature variations .Annual contribution of the mass-loading ( b... more
“Unusual” Behavior of Active Galactic Nuclei in Quiescence!     [2017-02-28]
It is found that the black hole mass, X-ray luminosity and radio luminosity follow a simple and linear relationship in logarithmic space, known as the “fundamental plane” of black hole activity. One key problem is, whether or not the quiescent AGNs follow the same fundamental plane as that of n... more
To Measure the Galactic extinction? From Cosmological Principle!     [2017-02-27]
A group from astronomers in Shanghai Astronomical Observatory have completed a systematical study on Galactic dust extinction recently. Taking advantage of the most up-to-date large sky area u band galaxy catalog from the South Galactic Cap U-band Sky Survey (SCUSS), this study has obtained stati... more
ATCA: More Accurate OH Maser Positions from the SPLASH Pilot Region     [2017-02-24]
OH masers, the first astrophysical maser ever detected in the space, opened an exciting and rapidly growing area of research. As a high-sensitivity survey of OH masers in our Galaxy, the Southern Parkes Large-Area Survey in Hydroxyl (SPLASH) has shown typical features of OH masers. However, due t... more
Most-downloaded Paper: Dimming on the Sun related with Solar Explosions     [2017-01-19]
According to the Americal Astronomical Society (AAS) Nova Highlights, “The Nature of CME-Flare-Associated Coronal Dimming”, the Astrophysical Journal paper written by Dr. CHENG Jianxia from CAS Key Laboratory of Planetary Sciences, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), Chinese Academy of Sc... more
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