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A Presentation by Dr. Li Yiliang from the University of Hong Kong     [2016-07-14]
Dr . Li Yiliang , from Department of Earth Sciences , the University of Hong Kong , gave us a splendid presentation titled “ Astrobiology : The Origin , Evolution and Destiny of life in the Universe ” on invitation at SHAO , 5 July .With great enthusiasm , dozens of researchers and students att... more
Revealing the outer reaches of the Milky Way with LAMOST     [2016-07-05]
An international team of researchers , led by Shanghai Astronomical Observatory , have uncovered a new technique for peering into the outer-most regions of our Galaxy .Left : An illustration showing the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy being devoured by the Milky Way . This process leaves long tails of d... more
W020160608614290164578.gif Zooming into the heart of candidate binary black holes with powerful radio te...     [2016-06-08]
[ June 8 , An international research team discovered single radio - luminous black holes from candidate binaries with powerful highest - resolution imaging techniques .The supermassive black hole ( up to billions of solar masses ) residing in the heart of the active galaxy is accreting material f... more
Shanghai TMRT discovered a new dense molecular cloud rich in long carbon-chai...     [2016-05-27]
Linear carbon-chain molecules like CnH , HCnN and CnS are observed to be abundant in cold dense clouds .To date , abundant long carbon-chain molecules have only been found in two molecular clouds – Taurus Molecular Cloud 1 ( TMC-1 ) and Lupus molecular cloud 1A ( Lupus-1A ) — and the envelop of... more
The 7th English Salon Was Held by the Labour Union Group of the Center for As...     [2016-05-24]
As a part of serial activities by the labour union group of the Center for Astro-geodynamics Research , a wonderful English salon with a local color , titled “ Local Fair and Festival Culture in the USA ” was held at SHAO on May 19th .Dr . Sarah Bird from the USA joined and shared with us much ... more
An English Salon by the Labour Union Group of the Center for Astro-geodynamic...     [2016-05-24]
As a part of serial activities by the labour union group of the Center for Astro-geodynamics Research , an English salon , titled “ Car , Car Use and Car Culture ” was held at SHAO on April 12th .Professor Zhang Keke from University of Exeter , UK joined and hosted our salon , making splendid c... more
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