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The Location of SHAO
Revealing radio structure of a quasar shinning in the early universe with high-resolution VLBI images
Among the high-redshift quasars, the radio-loud subsample constitutes an attractive group since the radio jets are directly related to the SMBH activity. Until now, more than 100 quasars have been detected at z > 5 while the fraction of radio-loud ones is about 10 percent. Recently, a science tea...
Seasonal Variations in GPS Station Positions? Temperature Variations Can’t Be Ignored
Compared with the observed annual deformations in GPS stations , they found that the seasonal GPS observations , the transverse displacements in particular , are better explained after considering the thermoelastic effects due to temperature variations .Annual contribution of the mass-loading ( b...
Scientific Progress
TAP LCOGT 2017AB Call for Proposals [2017.02.03]
Research Fund for International Young Scientists Call for Proposals FY 2017 [2017.01.20]
Call for proposals of TianMa 65 meter telescope [2016.12.30]
SHAO Astronomers discovered 15 candidate X-ray transients in the nearby satellite... [2016.04.07]
The purest brown dwarf & properties of low-mass celestial populations [2017.07.12]
Fast Radio Bursts, GPUs, and the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere [2017.07.12]
Multi-messenger approach to study the origin of high-energy cosmic rays [2017.06.26]
Cosmic ray physics and dark matter searches with AMS-02 [2017.06.09]
APSG-2017 1st Announcement
International Workshop on Solar System Small Bodies Exploration_Second Announcement
IVOA Interoperability Meeting 2017
China-South Africa Bilateral Workshop on Radio Astronomy, Geodesy and Space Science
SHAO was formally established in 1962 following the amalgamation of the former Xujiahui (originally spelt Zi-Ka-Wei) and Sheshan observatories, which were founded by the French Mission Catholique in 1872 and 1900 respectively.
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