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Evidence for Past Supermassive Black Hole Jets in the Milky Way Galaxy Reveal...     [2020-05-06]
A pair of gigantic gamma-ray bubbles centered on the core of the Milky Way galaxy were discovered by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope 10 years ago. The question of how they were formed still remains as a mystery. Recently, researchers at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory presented a new model,... more
Searching for the Polyphony Players——Compact Group of Galaxies     [2019-12-10]
Galaxies are the building blocks of the visible universe , inhabiting a variety of environments .Observations show that over half of the galaxies are located in group systems which have members from a few to dozens .One of the important observational samples of the LAMOST spectral survey is to su... more
1.jpg Chinese Scientists Complete First SKA Regional Center Prototype     [2019-11-22]
Chinese scientists have developed the first regional center prototype of the Square Kilometer Array ( SKA ) , the world ' s largest astronomical device .The prototype , developed by the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory ( SHAO ) with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the C... more
Searching the predecessor of the merging galaxy     [2019-07-19]
On a clear night in 1785 , William Herschel used his own telescope to observe as usual .The difference is that this night he found a very unusual celestial object in Corvus ( the Antennae Galaxy , Fig .Since then , such kind of celestial objects , called the merging galaxies , have fascinated cou... more
Astronomers Capture First Image of a Black Hole— Chinese astronomers contrib...     [2019-04-10]
The Event Horizon Telescope ( EHT ) — a planet-scale array of eight ground-based radio telescopes forged through international collaboration — was designed to capture images of a black hole .Today , in coordinated press conferences across the globe , EHT researchers reveal that they have succee... more
SHAO Researchers Discovered a Month-long QPO in Gamma-ray of a Blazar     [2018-11-27]
Supposing a distant active black hole is vomiting towards you , what will you see ?Recently , a research group led by Prof . WANG Zhongxiang from Shanghai Astronomical Observatory discovered a month-long Quasi-Periodic Oscillation ( QPO ) from such a black hole .Since our viewing angle to the jet... more
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