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Has Juno solved the mysterious origin of the Jupiter’s zonal winds?     [2018-09-06]
A research team led by Dr. KONG Dali from Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), Chinese Academy of Sciences found that multiple possibilities of zonal winds structure could exist using the Juno spacecraft’s measurements. They also present some weaknesses in the earlier influential paper publ... more
2018 MWA Project Meeting Held in SHAO     [2018-06-26]
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory ( SHAO ) held this year ’ s MWA Project Meeting from June 10 to June 13 , with supports from MWA Observatory Ministry of Science and Technology of the People ’ s Republic of China , SKA China Office .And Chinese Academy of Science . MWA Board Members , Director... more
The Milky Way’s star dust distribution precisely measured by SHAO astronomers     [2018-05-15]
Figure 1 : Image of the Sombrero Galaxy ( also known as M104 ) from Hubble space telescope ( upper ) .Recently , the structure of dust component in the Milky Way Galaxy has been accurately modeled revealing the most accurate scale of the Galactic dust distribution so far .News Contact : ZUO Wenwe... more
East Asia VLBI Radio Telescope Network to Start Scientific Commission     [2018-02-05]
East Asia Very Long Baseline Interferometry ( EA VLBI Network , EAVN ) , a network composed of 21 radio telescopes from China , Japan and South Korea , has been astronomically operational and will begin scientific commissioning soon .To learn more about the EAVN , please contact : AN Tao , Shangh... more
无标题11.jpg Shanghai TMRT discovered abundant complex organic molecules in the Galactic c...     [2017-10-11]
Complex organic molecules (COMs) are directly related to the origin of life on the Earth, thus understanding the property and formation mechanism of prebiotic molecules is key to study of astrobiology. Observations indicate that COMs are abundant in Galactic center giant molecular cloud Sagittari... more
APSG 2017 International Symposium Successfully Held in Shanghai     [2017-09-08]
APSG 2017 International Symposium of Asia-Pacific Space Geodynamics ( APSG ) Program , with theme “ From Space Geodesy to Astro-Geodynamics ” , was successfully held in Shanghai , China , during 15-18 August .Meanwhile , it will not only deepen our understanding of the dynamics of the global Ea... more
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