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The international meeting on New Technologies for Probing the Diversity held     [2009-08-03]
The international meeting on《New Technologies for Probing the Diversity of Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets》was successfully held in Jianguo Hotel, Shanghai from July 20th to July 24th. This is the first big international meeting on exoplanet science which was held in China more
The 4th international meeting on hot subdwarf stars held in Shanghai     [2009-07-30]
The 4th international meeting on hot subdwarf stars was held from July 20th to 24th in Shanghai. Hot subdwarf stars are important objects in the study of stellar evolution, binary evolution, Galactic structure, the UV-upturn phenomenon in elliptical galaxies, asteroseismology, model stellar atmos... more
Shanghai Radio Telescope participated in "100 Hours of Astronomy" with live w...     [2009-04-08]
[5 April 2009, Shanghai, China] - The Shanghai Radio Telescope of the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO) showcased the VLBI astronomical technique in the "100 Hours of Astronomy" with a live webcast on Saturday 4 April and e-VLBI observations on Friday 3 April and Sunday 5 April. “The 100 ... more
The Shanghai Radio Telescope participates in marathon observation     [2009-02-16]
SHANGHAI, P.R. China (14 February 2009) - 17 Radio telescopes in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America successfully conducted a nearly continuous 33-hour e-VLBI observation of three quasars (J0204+1514, 0234+285 and 3C395) 15-16 January 2009. The virtual radio interferometer tr... more
7th International e-VLBI Workshop at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory     [2008-09-18]
The 7th International e-VLBI Workshop was held in Shanghai, China, on 16-17 June 2008 (www.shao.ac.cn/eVLBI2008). It was organized by the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and generously sponsored by Express Production Real-time e-VLBI Service (EXPR... more
Perseus Spiral Arm of the Milky Way much closer than thought     [2008-09-07]
The Milky Way appears to be made up of four main arms that curve around its centre like a pinwheel. "However, our view from the interior makes it difficult to determine its spiral structure," writes a team led by Ye Xu of the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (ShAO) in China, in Science. more
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