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The 4th international meeting on hot subdwarf stars held in Shanghai
Author: HE Jinhua(YNO), HOU Jinliang (SHAO )
Update time: 2009-07-30
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The 4th international meeting on hot subdwarf stars was held from July 20th to 24th in Shanghai. Hot subdwarf stars are important objects in the study of stellar evolution, binary evolution, Galactic structure, the UV-upturn phenomenon in elliptical galaxies, asteroseismology, model stellar atmospheres, and so on. Thus it has been decided that a dedicated international meeting should be held every two years. The first three meetings had been held in Keele, UK, Santa Cruz, de La Palma, Spain, and Bamberg, Germany. The fourth meeting was arranged in Shanghai because Chinese astronomers have contributed much to this research field and participants can experience the great solar eclipse event that is the longest in the 21st century.

The meeting was organized by Yunnan Astronomical Observatory and Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. Prof. Zhanwen Han from the Yunnan Astronomical Observatory is the chairman of scientific organization committee. More than 60 participants from 16 countries attended the meeting. Seventy four contributions were presented in the meeting upon various topics such as modeling, atmosphere, asteroseismology, progenitor and progeny, and surveys and kinematics of hot subdwarf stars and their relation to horizontal branch stars, binary systems and ultra-violet upturn in elliptical galaxies.

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