Division of Radio Astronomy Science and Technology

The Division of Radio Astronomy Science and Technology (DRAST) of the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO) has been founded for more than 30 years. As one of the primary divisions of the SHAO, the DRAST is responsible for radio astronomy research and technique development. In addition to single-dish observations of radio-wavelength spectral lines and pulsars with the Tianma 65-m Radio Telescope, the activities of DRAST encompass VLBI applications on astrophysics, astrometry and deep space exploration.

The research directions of the DRAST include:

(1) VLBI and single-dish observations using Sheshan 25-m Radio Telescope and Tianma 65-m Radio Telescope;

(2) Developing and promoting space radio science projects, scheming the scientific objectives and key techniques for the Space Millimeter-wavelength VLBI Array (SMVA) and the Space-based Ultra-Low Frequency Radio Observatory;

(3) VLBI tracking for the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project (CLEP) and other spacecraft;

(4) Operating and processing the data observed with the Chinese VLBI Network (CVN), and also extending the data correlation to other VLBI arrays in the future;

(5) Technique development of VLBI correlator and the Chinese VLBI Data Acquisition System (CDAS);

(6) Station technique development including antenna control system of large radio telescope, antenna calibration, and cryogenic receivers;

(7) Construction of the Sheshan VGOS station equipped with fast slewing antenna and broadband receiving system;

(8) Scientific research on the VLBI applications in radio astronomy, astrometry and deep space exploration;

(9) Contributing in the SKA project, emphasizing on data correlation, calibration, imaging and science;

(10) Molecular line survey, pulsar searching and timing using the Tianma 65-m Radio Telescope.

Research director: Zheng Weimin  Vice director: Liuqinghui, An Tao 

Research Groups Principal Scientists Chief Engineers /Administrative Head
VLBI Data Processing Center HONG Xiaoyu ZHENG Weimin
Radio Astronomy Observation Base SHEN Zhiqiang LIU Qinghui
Radio Astronomy Technique Laboratory ZHENG Weimin  
Center for Radio Astronomical research and Technique InnoVation (CRATIV) WU Xiangping AN Tao
High resolution radio astrophysics LU Rusen  


Department webpage: http://radio-en.shao.cas.cn/