Time & Frequency Research Center

        The Time & Frequency Research Center is the research department in SHAO responsible for developing the theories and applications of time/frequency measuring equipment and atomic frequency standards, which are indispensable for scientific and technological applications such as nuclear physics, communication, navigation, surveying and mapping.

        Research directions of the center include: enhancement of the reliability and performance of ground-based active hydrogen atomic clocks; technologies for active hydrogen clocks on space stations; various types of passive hydrogen clocks; theories, technologies and methodologies for time/frequency measurements; technologies, reliability and methodologies for time/frequency systems; timing techniques for navigation satellites; other modes of frequency standards, etc. The office also takes on the task of producing time service equipment such as hydrogen atomic clocks.

        Presently the center has 22 technical workers in scientific research, including seven with senior titles. The center is comprised of research groups in the areas of active hydrogen quantum frequency standards, passive hydrogen quantum frequency standards, and time/frequency measuring and application systems.

Research Teams Principal Scientists
Time System CHEN Zhichun
Active Hydrogen Clock CAI Yong
Passive Hydrogen Clock SHUAI Tao