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SHAO Invites Global Talents to Apply for NSFC Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas)

About SHAO
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), an institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was officially established in 1962 following the amalgamation of the former Xujiahui Observatory and Sheshan Observatory, which were founded by French Jesuits in 1872 and 1900, respectively. The general headquarter is now in Xujiahui of Shanghai and several observational bases are set up in Sheshan, Songjiang District of the city.
Astro-geodynamics, Galaxies & Cosmology and Planetary Science are the major basic research fields in SHAO. Meanwhile, SHAO also develops modern technologies for astronomical observations and time & frequency applications. It has some world-class teams in fundamental researches and plays an important role in national key projects such as navigation & positioning and deep space exploration in the fields of applied research. For details, please visit the website of SHAO at
Xuhui Campus of SHAO
Sheshan Campus of SHAO
About NSFC Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas)
National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC) Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas) aims to encourage overseas outstanding young scholars (including non-Chinese foreigners) who have made good achievements in natural science, engineering technology and other fields to return to China (come to China) for work, independently select research directions to carry out innovative research, promote the rapid growth of young scientific and technological talents, cultivate a number of outstanding academic backbones who are expected to enter the world's scientific and technological frontier, and contribute to the construction of a powerful country in science and technology. For details, please visit the website of NSFC at
SHAO invites global talents to apply for it, and will fully assist in preparing the application.
Application Requirements
1. Comply with PRC law and academic integrity, consciously practice the spirit of scientists in the new era.
2. Born on or after Jan 1, 1983.
3. Have a doctorate degree.
4. In principle, applicants shall have formal teaching or research position in an overseas university, college or scientific research institution and shall have such overseas work experience for more than consecutive 36 months before March 15, 2023 (for those applicants, who obtained doctorate degree overseas and with outstanding achievements, the required years of working may be reduced).
5. Applicants should have made influential contributions and research achievements recognized by experts in the same field, and with the potential to become leading scientists or outstanding talents in the fields.
6. Applicants have not worked full time in China, or have returned (or come) to work in China after Jan 1, 2022. If applicants are informed to get fund, they should resign from their oversea positions and work full time in China for at least 3 years.
Research directions
SHAO invites global talents to apply for NSFC Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas), main research directions as follows.
1. Astrophysics (Black hole and compact astrophysics, Cosmology and galactic astrophysics, Stellar physics, Planetary physics, Radio astrophysics., High energy astrophysics, Time-domain astronomy, Gravitational wave astronomy, etc.).
2. Astronomical geodynamics (Precise orbit determination and application of space vehicles, Astrometry and reference frame, Satellite navigation and remote sense, Satellite laser ranging and application, Earth observation and global change, etc.) .
3. Astronomical technology and methods (Ground-based/Space radio astronomy technology and VLBI technology, Radio interference array big data analysis, Space electronics,Optical infrared astronomy technology, Optical interference technology, Exoplanet detection and research, Time frequency and atomic clock technology, etc.).
Those who rely on SHAO to apply for Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas) and obtained can get the following supports.
1. Position  Employed as a senior professional and technical position, and given preferential support in postgraduate enrollment and other aspects.
2. Salary  Provide attractive remuneration.
3. Living conditions: provide revolving apartments and high standard housing subsidies.
4. Working conditions: provide sufficient office and scientific research rooms.
5. Scientific research start-up funds: based on the support of the NSFC (RMB 1 million to 3 million) and SHAO provides a scientific research start-up fund of no less than RMB 1 million.
Those who rely on SHAO to apply it and enter the stage of conference evaluation but not finally supported, SHAO will priority to recruit as high-level talents, providing attractive remuneration and scientific research support.
Contact us
Interested applicants are encouraged to send CV, main academic achievements and supporting materials to before February 15th, 2023. 
Please note “NSFC Excellent Young Scholars” in email. 
We are glad to provide services for your application.
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