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The VLBI laboratory
Update time: 2008-09-01
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The VLBI laboratory is the technology development center of the Chinese VLBI Network (CVN). The purpose of the lab is to develop new VLBI technologies, both in hardware and software, and to expand on VLBI applications.
Our lab has developed the two-station FX model VLBI correlator for the Chinese VLBI network and the CVN hard disk system-- a PC-based VLBI hard disk record and playback system. Presently the lab is working on a new VLBI correlator and other related VLBI techniques.
Our present research projects and targets are: operation of the CVN correlator; construction of a new VLBI correlator; new VLBI technologies and their applications; and VLBI timing systems. There are nine scientists and engineers in the VLBI laboratory. The leading professor is ZHANG Xiuzhong.

Leading Professor: Xiuzhong Zhang

Group Members:
Faculty:  Zhong Chen(engineer) , Fang Guo(assistant engineer),  Li GUO(assistant Professor), Wenting He(Assistant engineer), Peicheng Huang(professor), Xianfeng Jiang(engineer), Maoli Ma(assistant engineer), Fengchun Shu(associate professor), Shuhua Wang(engineer), Wenbin Wang(assistant Professor), Ying Xiang(engineer), Zhijun Xu(engineer), Yun Yu(assistant engineer),  Xiuzhong Zhang(professor),  Weimin Zheng(professor), Renjie Zhu(engineer)


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