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Jets in black-hole binaries
Update time: 2018-03-26
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Title: Jets in black-hole binaries 
Speaker: Andrzej Zdziarski (N. Copernicus Astronomical Center) 
Time: Mar 29 (Thursday), 3pm 
Location: Lecture hall, 3rd floor 
I will discuss selected aspects of observations and theory of jets in accreting black-hole binaries. Their radio and gamma-ray emission differs significantly between their hard and soft spectral states, which appears to be due to the coupling between the accretion flow and jets. Also, high-energy gamma-ray emission is observed only from high-mass X-ray binaries, which appears to be due to jet-wind interaction (in particular, formation of recollimation shocks). Then, the jet radio emission can be significantly absorbed in the stellar wind of the donors in high-mass binaries, which allows to constrain the location of the emission site. I will present a theoretical model of the broad-band jet emission, taking into account all relevant radiative processes and the electron advection along the jet, and allowing to determine the jet power. These results will be used for modelling of the jet emission of Cyg X-1 and GRS 1915+105, and to constrain the role of magnetic fields and black-hole spin. Finally, I will present new results on the jet emission of the puzzling system Cyg X-3.

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