Important Scientific Progresses

A number of key scientific progresses have been achieved by researchers in SHAO during the past years. Below is just some of them:

   In the study of the planetary fluid dynamics, the Earth's  nutation and polar movement, researchers in SHAO obtained analytic asymptotic solutions of second-order accuracy for convections in rapidly rotating cylinder. Several interesting phenomena of counter travelling waves in rotating annulus were found for the first time which gave possible theoretical explanation of the influence of heterogeneous lower mantle on geodynamo.  

   Based on years of radio observations, SHAO scientists discovered the strongest evidence demonstrating the existence of a super massive Black Hole in our Galactic center.

    SHAO astronomers established a large scale N-body cosmological simulation program. The results show that pure N-body simulations may not suffice to accurately predict the lensing signal on small scales where cooling of the baryons starts to play a significant role and must be considered. This result has been reported by the ESA-ESO working group for fundamental cosmology in the next decade.

A new general theory was developed for the gravitational potential and Earth's internal structure that solves the 1% problem of the global dynamical flattening. A new atmospheric angular momentum series was obtained and adopted by IERS.

   In 2007, a state fundamental research project (973) lead by SHAO scientist started. And SHAO astronomers have played the leading role in the scientific objective of LAMOST project.

   Astronomy and astrophysics have deep roots in virtually every human culture. They help us to understand our place in the vast scale of the Universe and teach us about our origins and evolution. Great achievements have been made during the past. While there are still fundamental questions need to be addressed. SHAO will continuously play its own role in driving the progress in astronomy. We shall concentrate on a variety of research interests: fundamental researches on earth, planets, stars, galaxies and cosmology;technology development of VLBI, space navigation and positioning, SLR, timing and frequency, optical interferometer. We have reason to believe, that SHAO shall make great contributions in exploring the nature of Universe and in serving for the Nation

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