TAP LCOGT 2017AB Call for Proposals

Dear TAP community,
As the effort to build two 1m class telescopes is under way in Tibet, LCO (formerly LCOGT) has granted 266 hours for China to participate in their 1-meter network in the 2017AB semester (1 April 2017 - 30 November 2017).  This semester is 2 months longer than normal so that LCO can shift the semesters by two months.  We are now calling for proposals.
The Chinese deadline is 2017 February 24 at 5pm Beijing time.  All proposals should be submitted by emailing telescope.access.program@gmail.com
All proposals should use the TAP latex template found here:  http://info.bao.ac.cn/tap/?q=17Acfp.  The proposals can be for new regular programs or participating in an existing LCOGT key program, although all proposals should adhere to the page limits.  You must be submit a proposal in order to have continued participation in an existing key program.  The submission and forms are different than previous LCO semesters.  
More information about LCO can be found at: https://lco.global/news/call-for-proposals-2017ab/

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