The Chinese Annual Astronomy/Astrophysics Meeting First Announcement


Peking University will welcome all astronomers and astrophysicists worldwide to join the Chinese Annual Astronomy and Astrophysics Meeting in 2015, held during the period of 19–21 October 2015.

Conference host:Chinese Astronomical Society

Main organizer:Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics and Department of Astronomy (DoA), PKU

Joint organizers:China Association for Science and Technology; NSFC; National Astronomical Observatories, CAS; Purple Mountain Observatory; Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS; Yunnan Astronomical Observatories, CAS; National Time Service Center, CAS; Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics & Technology, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS; Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, CAS; Nanjing University; Beijing Normal University; University of Science and Technology of China; Guangzhou University; Tsinghua University; Beijing Planetarium; Institute for the History of the Natural Sciences, CAS; Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS; CAS Nanjing Astronomical Instruments Co., Ltd; ChangChun Observatory, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS; Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, CAS; Nanjing Normal University; Wuhan University, School of Geodesy and Geomatics; Central China Normal University; PLA Dalian Naval Academy.

Principal consultant:Wang Shou Gun, Ye Shu Hua, and Qu Qin Yue.

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC) (in alphabetical order):

Bai Jin Ming, Bi Shao Lan, Dai Zi Gao, Fan Jun Hui, Kong Xu, Li Guo Ping, Liu Xiang, Liu Xiao Wei (Vice Chair), Shen Zhi Qiang (Vice Chair), Wu Xiang Ping (Chair), Yang Ji (Vice Chair), Zhang Li Ping, Zhang Shou Gang, Zhang Shuang Nan, Zhao Yong Heng, Zheng Xiao Nian,and Zhu Jin.

Local Organizing Committee (LOC) (in alphabetical order):

Chen Xiao Lin, Fan Zuhui, Richard de Grijs, Luis C. Ho (Chair), Jiang Linhua, Thijs Kouwenhoven, Li Kejia, Li Shu Xian, Li Zhuo, Liu Fukun (Vice Chair), Liu Lili, Meng Hong Yu (Vice Chair), Eric Peng, Wang Ran, Wu Xue Bing, Xu Renxin, Yao Jie (Vice Chair), Zhang Huawei, and Zhang Shuo.

Venue:Peking University

Dates:From October 19th to October 21st (3 days) 2015. Participants are expected to arrive on 18th October and leave on 22nd October.

Aim:The purpose of this meeting is to bring together all scholars, from all over the world, in the fields of astronomy and/or astronomy-related science, to sow the seeds for future collaborations between the CAS and Universities, as well as to train young talents in pursuing fundamental science research in China, which therefore be able to push astronomy research and public awareness a major step forward.

This annual meeting will cover cutting-edge topics in all branches of astronomy, as well as in interdisciplinary fields. Lectures will be in one of three forms, i.e., plenary lectures, parallel-session reports, and public outreach talks. The plenary speakers are invited by the SOC, while the talks in parallel sessions are recommended by the chair of the corresponding session. The meeting will be organized based on eight parallel sessions, as follows:

1>        radio astronomy

2>        solar and planetary astronomy

3>        stellar and galactic astronomy

4>        Instrumentation, time-keeping

5>        astro-mechanics and astrometry

6>        high-energy (astro)physics

7>        galaxies and large-scale structure

8>        astronomical history, education, and public awareness of science

If you wish to attend the meeting, please register and submit your abstract ONLINE. For more details, please wait for further notification.

For questions, please contact us:

Jie YAO: 13167555786,

Linhua JIANG: 18518026102,

Hongyu MENG: 025-83332036,

                                                                                                      Chinese Astronomical Society

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