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The Laboratory of Technologies for Optical Astronomy
Update time: 2014-09-04
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        The group focuses on the development of different kinds of optical telescopes, including laser-ranging telescopes, drift-scan CCD telescopes, rotating-drift-scan CCD telescopes and so on. It is also engaged in the research of new technologies such as Fizeau-type optical interferometry, liquid mirror telescope, speckle imaging and so on. The group has a 1.56m optical telescope, an optical workshop and a mechanical workshop.

        During its history of over 50 years, the group has developed various kinds of optical telescopes, such as a vacuum photographic zenith telescope (1970), a double-speed lunar camera (1970), a 1.56m astrometric telescope (1987), three 30cm photoelectric telescopes (2003), a 1m satellite laser-ranging telescope (2009), four 25cm drift-scan CCD telescopes (2010), a 1m laser communication telescope (2011), and five 30cm rotating-drift-scan CCD telescopes (2013).

        The laboratory has 29 staff members, one Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one researcher and 8 senior engineers specializing on optics, mechanics, electronics, control software and CCD cameras.

Research Teams Principal Scientists Chief Engineers
Optical Interferometry Technique Research ZHU Nenghong  
Development and Operational Maintenance of Optical Telescopes TANG Zhenghong ZHU Nenghong


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