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Dissecting Galaxies with 2D Wide-field Spectroscopy
Update time: 2013-03-25
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Dear Colleagues,

Our understanding of galaxy evolution has come to a new turning point.  Rapid advances in integral-field spectroscopy allow investigations of spatially resolved, internal properties of galaxies, both at low and high redshifts. Particularly important is the deployment of integral-field units (IFUs) on a variety of facilities worldwide, from moderate field-of-view units on 8-10 meter class telescopes to wide-field devices on small telescopes.  Large, nearby galaxies can now be dissected with unprecedented detail and sensitivity
to low-surface brightness emission, and their internal properties can be
compared to similar observations of high-redshift systems captured near the epoch of their formation.  A number of surveys are now under way, and even more ambitious ones are being planned.

In light of these dramatic developments, we are planning to organize a
meeting entitled

"Dissecting Galaxies with 2D Wide-field Spectroscopy"

March 25-29, 2013
Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Matt Bershady (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Scott Croom (Univ. Sydney, Australia)
Eric Emsellem (European Southern Obs., Germany)
Natascha Forster Schreiber (MPE, Germany)
Karl Gebhardt (Univ. Texas at Austin, USA)
Lei Hao (Shanghai Astron. Obs., China; co-chair)
Luis C. Ho (Carnegie Obs., USA; chair)
Robert Kennicutt (Univ. Cambridge, UK; co-chair)
Crystal Martin (Univ. California, Santa Barbara, USA)
Sebastian F. Sanchez (IAA-CSIC, Spain) Rachel Somerville (Rutgers Univ., USA)
Christy Tremonti (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Local Organizing Committee:

Lei Hao (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory; chair)
Jingmin Bai (Yunnan Astronomical Observatory)
Liang Chang (YNAO)
Yufeng Fan (YNAO)
Zhao-Yu Li (SHAO)
Rongxin Luo (SHAO)
Juntai Shen (SHAO)
Yang Yang (SHAO)
Kai Zhang (SHAO)

The meeting will be held in the beautiful city of Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Center in the northwest part of Yunnan province in China. Lijiang is not only a well-preserved ancient city famous for its picturesque architecture, graceful canals, and a unique, indigenous minority culture, but it is also close to Gaomeigu Observatory (40 km away from the ancient city), which hosts a 2.4-meter general-user optical telescope for which a wide-field IFU has been proposed.  The goal of the meeting is to bring together experts in the IFU community to share their experiences, exchange ideas, plan future projects, and to help educate and foster collaboration with Chinese astronomers.

Registration information and logistics details can be found at the following web site:
Important deadlines: 
(1) Abstract submission: January  15, 2013
(2) Registration : February 15, 2013

The conference will focus on recent IFU observations and theoretical
interpretation of nearby and high-redshift galaxies, covering a broad range of topics including

* dynamical state of high-redshift disks and spheroids
* stellar populations and metallicity distribution
* star formation diagnostics
* circumgalactic gas, inflows and outflows
* physical processes in nuclear and circumnuclear regions
* AGN feedback and triggering
* small-scale kinematics and black hole mass measurements
* large-scale kinematics and dark matter halo profiles
* open theoretical puzzles and predictions for IFU science
* current and future IFU surveys

List of invited speakers (mostly, but not all, confirmed):

Alyson Brooks
Daniela Calzetti
Michele Cappellari
Richard Davies
Susan Kassin
Lisa Kewley
Matt Lehnert
Chung-Pei Ma
Crystal Martin
Thorsten Naab
Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann
Mark Swinbank
Daniel Thomas
Glenn van de Ven
Marc Verheijen
Mark Westmoquette

In addition, we will have talks by representatives from the following
major IFU-related projects:
ATLAS3D  Eric Emsellem
CALIFA   Sebastian Sanchez
DiskMass  Matt Bershady
HETDEX  Gary Hill
KMOS     Roger Davies
MaNGA   Niv Drory
SAMI     Scott Croom
VENGA   Guillermo Blanc
KCWI    Chris Martin
MUSE    Thierry Contini

On behalf of the SOC and LOC,

Luis Ho and Lei Hao

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Tel: +86-21-64386191 Email:shao@shao.ac.cn