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APSG Workshop 2010-First Announcement
Update time: 2010-03-15
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First Announcement and Call for Papers APSG Workshop 2010
Progress in Space Geodesy and Earth Environment Change
16-20 August, 2010, Shanghai, CHINA
Organized by:
Asia Pacific Space Geodynamics (APSG) Program Central Bureau
Shanghai International Culture Association
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Advisory Committee
Prof. Houtze Hsu (Chair), Institute of Geodesy & Geophysics, China
Prof. Shuhua Ye, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China
Prof. Suriya Tatevian, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Dr. John LaBrecque, NASA Headquarters, U.S.A.
Prof. Michael R. Pearlman, ILRS, Center for Astrophysics, USA
Prof. Kosuke Heki, Hokkaido University, Japan
Prof. Pil-Ho Park, Korea Astronomical Observatory, South Korea
Prof. Benjamin Chao, National Central University, Taiwan, China.
Prof. Xiaoli Ding, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China

Dear Colleague:

It is a pleasure to invite you to take part in the APSG Workshop 2010 “Progress in Space Geodesy and Earth Environment Change”, to be held in our beautiful city of Shanghai, China on behalf of the Organizing Committee.
Shanghai is an international modernized metropolis, one of centers of economy, science and technology, information and culture in China. This fast changing city has retained colorful and harmonious mixture of traditional and modern Chinese civilizations. It has many wonderful cultural opportunities for you to discover and to enjoy.  Especially, you have an opportunity to visit the World Expo 2010 held in Shanghai during the Workshop.  The World Expo will provide a 5.28-square-kilometer area at the core of the city for exhibitions, events and forums on the Expo theme, “Better City, Better Life”.
The APSG Workshop will be held at the conference hall of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO).  The SHAO was formally established in 1962 following the merger of the former Xujiahui (originally spelt Zi-Ka-Wei) and Sheshan (Zỏ-Sẻ) observatories, which were founded by the French Mission Catholique in 1872 and 1900 respectively. It is an institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The observatory's main research activities fall into four divisions: astro-geodynamics, astrophysics, very long baseline interferometry (VLBI), and the technical laboratories.

1. Gravity, Time-Variable Gravity and Earth Rotation Dynamics
   Space-borne, absolute/superconducting gravimetry and their applications.
2. Crustal Dynamics and Earthquake
   Monitoring crustal movement and deformation by space techniques and earthquake monitoring.
3. Sea level change, water and ice mass variation and post-glacial rebound
   Results given by space techniques, comparison with models and terrestrial observations.
4. The Moon and Planetary Geodesy
   New results from CE-1、SELENE、Chandrayaan-1、LRO missions, and introductions about future missions
5. Gravity satellite projects
   Suggestions on new gravity satellite projects
Results w.r.t. Asia-Pacific Region are especially encouraged.

Important Dates
Deadline for Pre-Registration Form Submission: 1 May 2010
Deadline for Abstracts Submission: 1 July 2010
Workshop: 16-20 August 2010

   Ms. Ruixian Zhou,  Prof. Zhihan Qian,  Prof. Cheng Huang
   Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,
   Chinese Academy of Sciences
   80 Nandan Rd. Shanghai, 200030, China
   Email: zrx@shao.ac.cn, qzh@shao.ac.cn or hc@shao.ac.cn
   Fax: (86)-21-64696291

Submission of Abstracts
Abstracts can be submitted either through email, fax or post, using the correspondence address given above, by July 1, 2010. Abstracts should be written in English, Microsoft Word (12 point Times New Roman) with bolded headings, title, author’s names, affiliation, e-mail and complete address.

Registration fee
1400 RMB or 200 USD will be paid at the meeting.
A student attending the Workshop will pay a registration fee of 700 RMB or 100 USD.

Formal language of the Workshop

Tour arrangement
Tour to Huangshan Mountain and Lushan Mountain scenic spots after the workshop would be arranged according to your will.  The World Expo will be organized to visit during the workshop.

A list of hotels will be provided in the Second Announcement. We will recommend 3-stars or 4-star hotels in the downtown area, not far from the venue of workshop. The prices per night are about 40 to 85 USD for single or double room.

The participants are invited to fill in and submit to Ms. Ruixi Zhou (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Email: zrx@shao.ac.cn or FAX: (86)-21-64696291) a Pre-Registration Form together with the titles of presentations (in the attached electronic form in word format) before May 1, 2010.

Pre-Registration Form

APSG Workshop 2010
16-20, AUGUST, 2010

GIVEN NAME:_______________________________________________
Post code__________ Country________________ City________________
Institute::  __________________________________
Title(s) of Paper(s): __________________________________
I’ll be accompanied by: __________________________________


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