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First Announcement of 2017 IGMA Workshop & TFM
Update time: 2017-02-05
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 First Announcement of 2017 IGMA Workshop & TFM  

  - 2017 International GNSS Monitoring and Assessment Workshop and Task Force Meeting  

May 22, 2017, Shanghai, China

The 2017 International GNSS Monitoring and Assessment Workshop and Task Force Meeting will take place at the National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention on May 22, in conjunction with the 8th China Satellite Navigation Conference and exhibition during 23-25th May 2017 in Shanghai, China.  

IGMA Workshop&TFM aims to provide a platform for communication to reinforce the cooperation in the field of monitoring and assessment of satellite navigation systems, exchange experience, discuss monitoring theoretical methods and results, to facilitate theory progress of monitoring and assessment of satellite navigation and promoting the future development of IGMA and IGMA-IGS joint project.  


  The primary topics for this workshop are recommended as follows 

   ● Methodology of GNSS monitoring and assessment  

   ● Reference for GNSS monitoring and assessment  

   ● Primary results of the IGMA-IGS trial project  

   ● Additional stages of the IGMA-IGS trial project  

   ● Future development of IGMA  

   ● Necessity and feasibility for GNSS signal quality monitoring within ICG  

  Formal language   

  The conference language will be English with simultaneous interpretation.  

  Important dates  

  Abstracts are due now through April 30, 2017.  

  Registration will be available February 15 - April 30, 2017.  

  IGMA Workshop&TFM: May 22th, 2017  

  CSNC: May 23-25th, 2017  

  Sponsored by:  

  International GNSS Monitoring and Assessment Workgroup , International Committee on GNSS   

  Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)  

  China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC).   

  Youth Innovation Promotion Association, CAS  

  Venue and Accommodation  

  The detail of the venue and a list of hotels will be provided in the Second Announcement.   


  Shuli Song or Yang Yu,   

  Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO),  

  No.80 Nandan street, Shanghai, China  



  The participants are invited to fill in the Pre-Registration Form and submit it to the above correspondence.  

  Pre-Registration Form  

  2017 IGMA Workshop&Task Force meeting in Shanghai.  

  22 May, 2017  


  GIVEN NAME:_______________________________________________  

  TITLE: ______________________________________________________  


  Post code__________ Country________________ City________________  




  Possible Title(s) of Paper(s):  

  I will be accompanied by……. and need invitations letters  

  I need an invitation letter for visa: yes/no.  

  If Yes:  please send a copy of the two first pages of your Passport.  

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