Name: Feng Yuan
Position: Professor
Phone: 021-34775301
E-mail: fyuan@shao.ac.cn
Postal Code: 200030
Mailing Address: 80 Nandan Road, Shanghai


Feng Yuan received his Bachelor of Physics from Shandong University Physics Department in 1991 and his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1997. He then joined Astronomy department of Nanjing University, Max-Planck Institute of Radio Astronomy, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and Physics department of Purdue University as a postdoc. After that, he was recruited by the “Bairen Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences as a full professor of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. He is now the director of the Astrophysics division of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. His main research interests include black hole accretion, active galactic nuclei, black hole X-ray binaries, and galaxy formation and evolution.  

Selected Publications: 

  1.      Yuan, F., Narayan, R. Black hole hot accretion flows, 2014, ARA&A, 52529-88 

  2.      Gan, Z.M., Yuan, F., Ostriker, J.P., Ciotti, L., Novak, G. Active galactic nucleus feedback in an isolated elliptical galaxy: the effect of strong radiative feedback in the kinetic mode, 2014, ApJ, 789, 150 

  3.      Wang, Q.D., Novak, M.A., Markoff, S.B., Baganoff, F.K., Nayakshin, S., Yuan, F., et al. Dissecting X-rayEmitting Gas Around the Center of Our Galaxy, 2013, Science, 341, 981 

  4.      Yuan, F., Bu, D., & Wu, M.  Numerical Simulation of Hot Accretion Flows (II): Nature, Origin, and Properties of Outflow and Their Possible Observational Applications, 2012, ApJ, 761130 

  5.      Yuan, F., Yu, Z. & Ho, L. C. Revisiting the "Fundamental Plane" of Black Hole Activity at Extremely Low Luminosities, 2009, ApJ, 703, 1034-1043 

  6.      Yuan, F., Lin, J., Wu, K., & Ho, L. A Magnetohydrodynamical Model for the  

  Formation of Episodic Jets, 2009, MNRAS, 395, 2183-2188 

  7.      Yuan, F., Cui, W. The radio---X-ray correlation and quiescent state of black hole sources, 2005, ApJ, 629, 408-413 

  8.      Yuan, F., Cui, W., Narayan, R.  An Accretion-Jet Model for Black Hole Binaries: Interpreting the Spectral and Timing Features of XTE J1118+4802005, ApJ, 620, 905-914 

  9.      Yuan, F., Quataert, E., & Narayan, R. Nonthermal Electrons in Radiatively Inefficient Accretion Flow Models of Sagittarius A*, 2003, ApJ, 598, 301-312 

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