Name: Chengli Huang
Position: Professor
Phone: 021-34775202
E-mail: clhuang@shao.ac.cn
Postal Code: 200030
Mailing Address: 80 Nandan Road, Shanghai


Chengli Huang (黄乘利): Director of Center for Astrogeodynamics Research (CAR), SHAO. He obtained B.S. in Astronomy in Beijing Normal Univ. in 1989, and PhD in SHAO in 1999, respectively. In 1990s, he worked in data analysis & modeling of LLR data. Now, he is studying in theoretical global geophysics, like earth rotation/nutation model, couplings between electromagnetic field and nutation near core-mantle boundary, generalized theory of the figure of the earth interior, Mars’ gravity field, etc. He was PI of ‘The Mars gravity field and internal structure’ project, one of the four scientific objectives of the first Chinese Mars exploration program ‘YinHuo-1’. 

Selected Publications: 

  1.         He Z.Z., Huang C.L., 2014, Sensitivity Study of High Eccentricity Orbiters for Mars Gravity Recovery.  Res. Astron. Astrophys. (in press) 

  2.         Huang C.L., Dehant V., Liao X.H., Van Hoolst T., Rochester M.G., 2011, On the coupling between magnetic field and nutation in a numerical integration approach, J.Geophys.Res. 116, B03403, doi:10.1029/2010JB007713. 

  3.         Wu J., Zhu G.W., Zhao H., Wang C.,Li L., Sun Y.Q., Guo W., Huang C.L., 2010, Scientific Objectives of China-Russia Joint Mars Exploration Program YH-1, Chinese Astron. & Astrophys., 34: 163–173 

  4.         Liu Y., Huang C.L., 2008, On the Earth’s dynamical flattening. Proc. IAU Symp. No.248, 403-404 

  5.         Huang C.L., Dehant V., Liao X.H., (2004), The explicit scalar equations of infinitesimal elastic-gravitational motion in the rotating, slightly elliptical fluid outer core of the Earth, Geophys. J. Int., 157: 831-837 

  6.         Huang C.L., Liao X.H, (2003), Comment on "Representation of the elastic-gravita- tional excitation of a spherical Earth model by generalized spherical harmonics" by Phinney R.A. and Burridge R., Geophys. J. Int. 155(2): 669-678.  

  7.         Huang C.L., Jin W.J., Liao X.H., (2001), A new nutation model of a non-rigid Earth with ocean and atmosphere, Geophys. J. Int., 146(1): 126-133.  

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