Name: Nenghong Zhu
Position: Professor
Phone: 021-34775777
E-mail: nhzhu@shao.ac.cn
Postal Code: 200030
Mailing Address: 80 Nandan Road, Shanghai



Zhu Nenghong graduated from Tongji University in 1960 then joined the technical division of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory for designing and constructing the Optical telescope up to now. The present occupation is chief engineer of SHAO. 


 During 1991.12 to 1993.12 he joined the VLTI group in ESO to do the beam combiner telescope design work. 

  He has got some awards like the  State science and technology progress prize for 1.56m astrometry telescope the HL HL Prize etc. and has been accepted as a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1995. 

  The major telescopes he designed are; 

  1. The dual-rate lunar position camera (1965). 

  2. A photographic zenith tube(1976). 

  3.  20cm Maksutov  and a Schmidt  telescope for solar eclipse (1980). 

  4. 1.56m astrometry telescope (1990) 

  5. 1m laser ranging telescope (2009) 

  6. 1m laser communication telescope (2011) 

  Selected Publications: 

  1. The Design of the 1.56m Astrometric Telescope (Annular Report of Shanghai Observatory Academia Sinica No.3.1981 )  

  2. The Main Features of 1.56m Astrometric Telescope and It’s Status Quo ( Presented to the IAU Symposium No.118 held in New Zealand 1985.12 )  

  3. Design Characteristics of the 1.56m Astrometric Telescope and its Usage in Astrometry ( H.K.Eichhorn and R.J.Leacock eds, Astrometric Techniques257—2871986 by The IAU ) 

  4.  The design and construction for 160/230/352毫米Schmidt telescope  (annual report of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, 

    1988, 203-210). 

  5. Design Study for the VLTI Imaging Beamcombiner ( DocNo VLT- ES0-15300-054018.May1994) 

  6.  Study on Measuring Piston Error of Segmented Mirror Using Pyramid Sensor. (Chinese Journal of Sensors and Actuators, 2009, 22(03):433-437). 

7. Conceptual Design of a Fizeau Optical Synthetic Aperture Telescope,( Proceedings of 2013 OHP International Colloquium, p59-65) .